Tuesday, November 10, 2009

D.C. was an experience


So i just came from the Sistersong membership meeting in the Capitol. When I got there I thought it was going to be like the normal annual membership meeting. To my surprise there we were needed to go to Capitol Hill to try to stop legislators from voting in favor of the Stupid aka the Stupak amendment. We were trying to get 400 women of color on Capitol Hill on Saturday without an invitation. At one point it was decided we were going with or without an invitation. Thanks to our allies in the White House we were able to go in small groups and represent our states. When we got there we went the visit the offices of Debbie Halvorson, Melissa Bean, Mike Kirk, Mike Quigley and Daniel Lipinski to let them know how women of color in their district felt about the Stupid amendment. Unfortunately, didn't meet with any of the legislators we did get to talk to some staffers. Got to put Lipinski on blast, because the offices weren't supposed to close until 6pm; but we his staff closed the office up and refused to talk to our sisters for YWEP!!!!

Although our efforts didn't stop the Stupid amendment from passing on the House we are still determined. On Monday we continued to speak with legislators and on Monday I was the spokesperson for our group. We were able to speak with the staff of Congressman Rush which went well. We have to continue our fight, because the Stupid amendment is just a codification of the Hyde amendment. We understand that we still have fight for public funding to cover abortion, but this amendment will take us further in regression.

We all have to stand up now and fight we can't let them control more than they are already controlling. We thought we were well on our way, but Stupak (a Democrat) let us know not without a fight. We are trying to change the status quo...........


Peace :-)

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