Friday, October 9, 2009

Protest in Chicago!!!!!

Last weekend we did a counter protest at FPA on Elston. One of the anti -choicers had the nerve to ask us did we know that abortion was "black genocide". Hell to the she didn't go there!

Needless to say it felt amazing when Gaylon gave her a piece of her mind and to get back across the street on their side. Those people are crazy and when you see them up close and personal they all look "freaky".

They tried their hardest to make statement , but choice prevailed we were not in Nebraska we were in the Chi so we had no problem with giving them a piece of our minds.

I will shed blood and tears for a womans right to choose!!!!! To the hell with the antichoicers they full of you know what anyway!!!!!!

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Gaylon said...

nicole....thanks for being for a woman's choice. others try to make this a racial issue and quite honestly they can look at it any way they want...but women like you and me....we know it's about choice and control! we will control our own reproductive health and be proud of it. we have the absolute right to regulate the bodies we live in!