Friday, October 2, 2009

Nebraska now Chicago

So a few weeks ago I went to Nebraska to counter protest at Dr. Cartharts clinic against the anti choicers. It was a very empowering experience and also disturbing at the same time. Empowering because there were women from all different places and of different races raising their voices as one for a very profound and distinctive cause that's so important to me and other women who haven't found their voice yet.Disturbing because these people who were suppose to be so high strung on perserving "life" were so violent I mean there were arsonist and racist people on that side and I noticed that the anti choicers were predominately white. I didn't see one person of color out there. But despite that the protest ended up very peaceful. So tomorrow I'm headed to counter protest at another clinic in my hometown the windy city. I can only hope it ends the same and one day will come where these actions wont have to be taken anymore because people will realize that this decision is ultimately the womans and I quote the famous phrase by bobby brown its my perrogative.

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