Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Revolution

So we are in the ATL at the SisterSong conference and EMERGE convening. Four of us from the windy city are representing! I can't tell you how many times I almost teared up either, looking at Brittany and Nicole either participating, making their voices heard, expressing their opinions. They give me the courage to continue on and do this reproductive justice work for the long haul. Changing systems in not a short term thing! Here are these two absolutely beautiful young single moms - who've had abortions - taking their activism to the streets - in their own ways! How can I not possibly fight for their freedom....when it's my freedom too!

We are going to fight the government controlling and regulating our bodies and the bodies of poor and marginalized women. How are we going to do this? Just like how Obama won the presidency - through bottom up leadership, grassroots organizing and empowerment to the people! Yes.....our revolution may not be (mainstream) televised but we are not going away quietly! We are in this fight for reproductive justice to win!

Peace and solidarity!

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