Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taking Care of You

Last night I was up late after studying and I happened to catch the infomercials that come on.
I don't know if it was a coincidence, but it seemed like all of them were promoting health and fitness. Usually when I do catch the infomercials I see a variety of things like kitchen gadgets, feet gadgets, hair gadgets, tools etc., but not last night. Some were advertising exercising equipment, diet pills, meal plans etc. Of course everything they are selling sounds so convincing. They lead you to believe by just buying this one thing will really help you lose a significant amount of weight. Then at the end of the infomercial they flash with a combination of diet and exercise blah.. blah.. blah...blah.......

The reality is we all know that a good diet and ample exercise we can lose weight and ultimately become a healthier person. The problem is if we know this why aren't we taking initiative. I know I've been watching those many infomercial, and impulsively purchased what I thought would be the "one" that would get me on the road to good health. Only to get it home and not lose 20lbs in 10days then come to conclusion that I need much more that this "one" thing.

As I looked in my closet and looked at all the "one" things I purchased that was supposed to help me become healthy. I realized the lengths that I went through to lose weight and become healthier. With all that assistance the miracle didn't happen. The "one" thing you should do starting right now is take care of you. Whether that is making a healthier choice in what you for dinner and getting off the bus a few stops earlier, or just getting eight hours sleep tonight and drinking a extra glass of water. Do something today right now that helps you become a better you! We all have a lot of things going on and our lives, but from here on out everyday do something whether is small or big. Just take care of you!

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