Friday, March 16, 2012


Lets get something straight. Birth control is NOT inexpensive. The women who do not have health insurance or anyone who's had to buy it can attest to that. Even women who pay for birth control and have insurance will agree. I suggest that whoever believes it is cheap should offer to pay for it! Until then.......shut it!!!!


Gaylon said...

thanks brittany for this post. several comments from some random anonymous person has been sent for approval. the last post calls the moderator (hello me!) a coward. yet, i find it rather interesting that they would not even DARE use their real name to make the comments. so to address one of the things listed about how they are payin for poor women to have birth control....yadda yadda yadda....i will say this.....i pay for a war i do not support. i pay taxes that build prisons that house poor people of color. i pay taxes too and your point is what? get real! really? let's not really debate this issue...u won't come out good! #majorfail

Nicole said...

Lol! Gaylon you are absolutely right! Our taxes go to many things we do not support every day. So anonymous doesn't have a point and people say they don't want their tax dollars going towards abortion, so why not be complacent with them going towards birth control that prevents unwanted pregnancies. Anonymous needs to remain just that.