Wednesday, November 30, 2011

16 and pregnant

So this morning I was watching this TV show that's been out for awhile called 16 and Pregnant which displays how it is to be pregnant at a young age. Even though this show has been out for so long I never really payed attention to it, but this morning I could not stop watching. So The first episode I watched was about a young black girl who had dreams of going off to a good college and becoming an English teacher for underprivileged kids. Her boyfriend was the star of the football team and had dreams of going off to college on a scholarship he gained from playing football. So long story short, she got pregnant and both of them had to put their dreams on hold. They got married because she was pregnant and they were living with his mother who was not happy with her at all. Then I watched another episode which I didn't get to finish but I got to see enough in the second episode. There was a young white girl who was still in high school and so was her boyfriend.Now the differences I noticed in these two episodes besides the color of their skin was what each girl admitted that they knew about having sex. The young black girl admitted that she didn't know anything and that they had used condoms until one time while having sex the condom broke and she was just following his lead because he was her first and she didn't know anything and she was disclosing this information to her friends who didn't say why didn't you use birth control or did you explore your other options like adoption or abortion i was just disgusted but not surprised at that conversation and not only that the boy friends mother was just horrible she placed all the blame on the girl for the situation and then went as far as to tell the girl that she needed to see a DNA test as if her son didn't participate in the actions it took to get someone pregnant. Last time i recall it takes two. So in the episode with the white girl she was having a conversation with her friends also on how she got pregnant and the difference was that her friends said to her I mean what happened you weren't using condoms or birth control there are all kinds of ways this could have been prevented. Which tells me that they had access to sex education and preventative services that they chose not to use where as the black girl didn't. Also instead of the white girls parents judging her and blaming the boy or the boy parents judging her and blaming her they came together collectively to get through the situation that was going on. It was just very upsetting to me seeing how the situation with the black girl played out verses the white girl. I know people get tired of hearing about how these things happen because of the differences made between races and classes but this fact will not stop being pointed out until it is no longer a fact and watching these two episodes lets me know that it still is and that is why i must continue to do the work I do even though it isn't always easy.Peace, Love, and Choice!

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