Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outlaw of abortion at six to seven weeks

This is very disturbing because most women don't even know they're pregnant until they are six to seven weeks, not to mention how long it takes to come up with the 500 dollars it costs to get the procedure.They just keep trying to restrict our personal choices by any means.What they don't realize that if this ludicrous law ever gets passed (which I don't see happening) how many women's lives will be in jeopardy.For some women they would rather die than carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, and this can lead to women doing some dangerous things to abort the pregnancy.The anti-choice people are constantly trying to send us into the back alley abortions. I personally refuse to be pushed back as if my voice doesn't matter.

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radiance1014 said...

This is total bull! They are trying to outlaw abortion before even know that they're pregnant.