Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Men In Abortion Pt. 2

My previous post addressed the concerns and the choice of the man surrounding abortion. In continuation of my last post, where does the accountability really fall in pregnancy prevention? This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed among our youth and within our communities! "He said he put on a condom" is what I hear in my community and among women I talk to. If any of you talk to young people, we see and here it everyday. So my question is, if we deny men of making the final decision on whether we chose to continue or terminate our pregnancy, why do we put the initial decision of whether or not to use a condom in their hands? This was another discussion that we had on the T.V show as well. There's this stigma associated with women carrying condoms. Why? Should we not want to stay protected just as well as the man does? Or is that we are conditioned to believe men control and make the decisions regarding sex? Which ever you believe suits the best, should we be leaving the decision to use a condom in the mans hands? We are the ones that have to face the decision on contiuning a pregnancy or not right?

Some of you may be thinking that these questions are silly and rhetorical. But the reality is that our young people experience these circumstances on a daily bases. It is the majority of our young girls who are being conditioned to leave the decisions surrounding sex up to our young men and when pregnancy happens, their left alone to make the decision. This NEEDS TO STOP! But sadly, without proper education, this will continue to affect our young women of color on a daily bases.

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