Friday, November 5, 2010


Tyler Perry's new film "For Colored Girls" is a must see for ALL. I related to the film on so many different levels and even if I couldn't relate personally, I could see someone I know. It also gave me insight into other womens' everyday struggles that are different but even more the same. I was moved and inspired, also encouraged to face some of my own issues as well as be of some assistance in helping others acknowledge the possibilities of having their own. I strongly encourage everyone to get out and see this movie. Look with your mind, not only your eyes.


S said...

Tyler Perry is a lousy director. Plenty of reviewers are syaing he messed with great source material...I don't think I'll bother with this.

Gaylon said...

brittany...i found the story lines in the movie,particularly knowing about the book, emotional, gut wrenching, sad yet redeeming in the end. people are getting too much into who directed the movie, and not the story lines, the deepness behind the story of the women.

further, to be able to tell the story in a chorepoem - the poetry....and still have a movie was different and it passed with flying colors.