Thursday, September 23, 2010


I attended a press conference this morning that was put on in response to the Alveda King "Freedom Rides For Life". The panel consisted of Toni Bond-Leonard (CEO of BWRJ), Khadine Bennett (staff attorney for ACLU), Kim Hunt (Executive Director of Affinity Community Services), Leslie Malachi (Director of AAMLC), Joanne Howard (former board chair of Planned Parenthood), Gaylon Alcaraz (Executive Director of CAF) and Dorthy Roberts (Northwestern University Professor).

They all came together to say "The National coalition demands Alveda King to stop using her uncle's historic civil rights legacy to target Black women's bodies." They all shared their personal stories and gave their responses to Alveda King's actions. I think that they all did a wonderful job with covering all aspects of the situation; and I also feel like they did an excellent job at calling her out to assist with the bigger picture at hand. That being, YES, there is an increase in women of color getting abortions; but THE ISSUE really is that women of color are living in poverty and don't have access to their reproductive health options. That's the problem!!

So to Alveda King, stop fighting us for the wrong issue; and help us fight to end poverty among women of color and help us fight to get access to all of our reproductive health options.


Anonymous said...

Just thought you might like to know that this post shows up first when I do a Google search of "Freedom Rides for Life". Your one blog post is more popular than Ms. King's entire "ride" Congratulations.

Gaylon said...

cinnamon....really! LOL! amazing! damillia's blog is more popular than ms. king's entire "ride"! yea!

and was a very good press conference! leslie didn't attend....cynthia milsap did in her place i believe.