Sunday, August 15, 2010


I wore my Hyde Amendment t-shirt to work and a co-worker wanted to know what it said, which eventually led to a heated discussion. This is the very same co-worker whose jaw dropped to the floor when I told him that I volunteer for CAF. Ever since I told him about CAF, he's been eager to debate the topic abortion with me. So of course I jump at every opportunity to voice my choice. And I love ending our debates with the biggest truth about abortion: it's MY body, so it's My decision!

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Gaylon said...

AMEN! and here is where i get annoyed about. i'm not asking others to agree with me. not trying to make others see it my way. however, i don't think others should be able to regulate your decisions about your body...and whether you want to parent or not. it's funny that i'm not trying to make others believe me but they are trying to make me believe them! a POTENTIAL life doesn't TRUMP a life already in existence....MINES!