Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leading Abortion Provider?

Well I thought I would throw my two cents in since I saw Brittany received a comment to her post about FPA's recent billboards around town. Wait....backup...not around town just in poor communities of color. I think that is what the disgusting thing is about it. I'm not sure what they are trying to convey with this type of advertising. Someone told me that they saw a billboard in a Latino community where it didn't have "Leading Abortion Provider" but instead said: "Free Pregnancy Testing". I have yet to see any of these billboards in affluent predominately white neighborhoods or neighborhoods that are undergoing gentrification.

So my question goes back to why poor communities of color? I mean if it was advertised everywhere I might think differently....and I'm for a woman's choice. But come on! What's up with that? Is it some racial stuff? Inquiring minds want to know so we are sending a letter to FPA for some answers!



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placenta sandwich said...

OK, I see what you're saying -- at first I missed the part where she said it was concentrated in low-income neighborhoods, but yeah. If it's not something that gets advertised everywhere, then it's pretty weird. Thanks.
-placenta sandwich