Sunday, May 31, 2009

We will not give in!

Our friend and hero, Dr. George Tiller was killed Sunday morning in church. This senseless act is a true sign of cowardliness. Dr. Tiller provided women with choices - poor women that sought him out because they had no where else to turn. Although I'm angry and outraged, I'm saddened as well. These acts only confirm that we need to continue our work on behalf of women that seek to exercise their true choice.

Dr. Tiller had been previously shot, threatened, had his clinic bombed and had a body guard, yet this courageous man continue to do what he knew he needed to do. My heartfelt sympathies go to the family and staff that knew Dr. Tiller best and stood beside him in the midst of the trying and dangerous times.

The killer may have thought he won this battle - but it rages on! We will not go down! We will continue to provide women with choice - just the way Dr. Tiller wanted it!



Unknown said...

Is there a vigil planned in Chicago? I can't find anything so far.

Gaylon said...

There was a vigil held today at the Thompson Center at 4pm.