Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thanks Nicole....

She is absolutely right, the conversation of condoms in classrooms is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. I believe that condoms should be introduced to children when they reach puberty. Many may say this encourages sex,...Well at this point school is the only arena not promoting sex. So if school is the source of empowerment and education, why not sex education, in a world where sex is our primary function....(it's kinda like blind folding someone & telling them to find their way)...To the parents, sex is used to target everything, including your children. Introducing 6,7,& 8th graders to condoms doesn't mean that they will have sex, it means that we understand & acknowledge that we live in a world that is not free from disease. I don't condone kids having sex, but lets be real, it happens..... There's a lot of things I feel we should shelter our kids from, but we can't be with them all day, every second. If my 7 th grade cousin can listen to his teacher talk about how we are literally killing hundreds in Iraq, then he can be informed about sexual protection. Some may say both these issues are before his time, but that's the world they live in, the world WE created....(protect them from not being protected!) PEACE

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