Friday, April 25, 2008

We're at the table,.... LITERALLY!

Whoever said that abortion was a white woman's issue lied. Every time I step into a room where concrete decisions about abortion and reproductive rights are made, faces like mine are scarce. This lets me know that the people making decisions about "our" bodies don't have "our" opinions. The Chicago Abortion Fund, through the leadership group, has afforded me a ticket to most of these meetings that average black woman can't walk into. When I'm sitting at the table with executive directors, and coordinator, my first thought is..."WOW", I'm the only person here under 30. My next thought is, "Where are all the black people"? "Did they not get the memo"? Reproductive Justice is a movement, and if people/women of color are not at the table, incorporating the voices of black youth, then we're not moving forward with the movement. So I understand greatly the impact of me being present,... I gotta represent. Then later, go back and present this info to as many woman as I can, who may never be at the meetings. My face being at the table is proof that these issues are universal. When I enter the room I'm sure they wonder who I am and who I came with, but after I speak, they are quickly impressed(which is no validation to me). I have made it a priority within the last year to be a leader, which means that I can't be afraid to go to unfamiliar places, and I can't be afraid to shine. So I'm highly educating myself to do just that.

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