Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What The Hell?!

I learned yesterday that The world is unfair. I mean I've known this for a while, (for a while I mean the last 12 parents sheltered me a lot) but I found out just how unfair as of yesterday. Does anyone know that at least 27 states in this country including our dearly beloved Illinois do not have mandates against rapists sharing custody of children with their victims?! So in other words, If you are raped, and become pregnant as a result and you choose to go through with the pregnancy and have the baby, the man that raped you can come back later and try to sue you for custody of that child. Does that make any sense? In what frame of mind is that even remotely possible?! Something like that should not even be an issue but in this male dominated society, the Penis rules everything and if you have one you can get away with almost everything including forceably sticking it into a woman, impregnating her and then wanting the precious baby that comes out of her. Or not really wanting  the baby at all but just wanting the power over her,  to make her a victim again by a using custody battles against her.  Not to mention the trama the poor child. Its bad enough that they are a product of a rape but then to actually be partially raised by them to??? I know one thing, if anything like that happens to me or any of my relatives, I'm moving to Philly (Pennsylvania) where they have the strictest Rapist for custody laws in the country. (Come on Chicago and the U.S of A all together, I love you but...WE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!!!)

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