Friday, August 24, 2012

Understanding My Beliefs

Whenever I mention that I volunteer for the Chicago Abortion Fund or when I am conducting community outreach people are shocked to hear that I support abortion. This reaction is usually followed by their opinion on abortion, which is fine. My views may not be the same as theirs and I do not expect them to always agree with them. The annoying part isn't so much about them disagreeing with me, its more frustrating when they try to convince me that my opinion is wrong and that I'm a demon spawn or something. Then I get the luxury of spending 5-10 minutes out of my life explaining to them why I believe what I believe.
I believe that a woman has the right to choose whatever she wants to regarding her body and reproductive health. At no point should politicians decide what she can and cannot do with HER body. Some people fail to realize the machine behind abortion restrictions. Anti- choice politicians do not care about life, these restrictions are about control. These are the same politicians who support and maintain a patriarchal society that strips women, people of color, LGBTQ, and low-income individuals of their human right to exist freely. I cannot believe in a system that claims to be concerned with life but with every possible chance they are throwing my brothers and sisters in prison cells. This is the same system that cuts public funding for crucial social services like mental health institutes, clinics, affordable healthcare, child care, public assistance, social security and the list goes on. I cannot support a system that blames and shames women who are raped, who report it and nothing else happens, failed once again by the system. The same system that refuses to provide public schools with adequate funding yet charges college students an insane amount of money to receive a post secondary education, much of which could've been taught/learned in our high schools if only our youth were given the opportunity to think and speak outside of the textbook! So yes, I do believe in abortion, I do believe in women's rights, civil rights and any other right that is mine yet somehow I have to fight for every waking day of my life.

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