Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Abortion III

They were okay at first, then they became stronger. I was doubled over when they called my number to go to the back. The nurse had to help me walk back there and I was embarrassed because I noticeably had bleed on myself. When I walked into the room, everything was set up, the table, the instruments, they even had a ultrasound machine. The Doctor came in, she was nice, a woman about my age with a warm smile. I was so happy not to have an old stogey looking guy who just wanted to finish his day so he could go play golf or something. She welcomed me and explained everything she was about to do. I did not obt to be put to sleep so I was awake for the whole thing. The medication that we had to put in our cheeks helped start the process by stopping the pregnancy. Next when I was laying down after the equipment was put in place, a needle was supposed to be injected into my cervix but since I had recently had a baby, the medication opened my cervix enough to not need it. She put a tube into me to pump out the products of conception. I felt every pump. Im not going to lie, it did hurt. It was not something I particularly wanted to be doing at the time. I would compare the pain to a bad pap-smear. Afterwards, I was checked by the ultrasound machine to make sure everything was okay and was helped up by the nurse. the Doctor said goodbye but at the time I was kinda too focused on the pain to say anything to her. I was helped into the recovery room by one of the nurses. I sat down in that lazy boy for about 10 minutes before I could get up again. when I did get up though, I was able to walk upright. I looked around the room and I saw some of the girls still laughing and cracking jokes and some were doubled over or looking very sleepy. After another half hour wait I was allowed to go home and  when I got there,  I looked in the bag they gave me to find antibiotics, Ibuprofen and a REALLY big box of condoms.

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