Friday, August 3, 2012

Untitled and Unleashed

To hear/ read some people state that only 1st trimester abortion should be legal because (that is enough time for women to make up their minds angers me. At any time during an unwanted pregnancy it is a woman's right and personal decision to choose abortion. With that choice should come access but unfortunately, the system isn't designed that way. My choice was made but I didn't have access to the abortion. My procedure was the same amount as my monthly income. By the time I saved up for it I was in my in my second trimester. Even if I had chosen to get an abortion in my 2nd trimester I should've been able to. Now women are being stripped of their rights and choices with such bills as the Fetal Pain bill. This society is so set on war; war on women, war on drugs, war against terrorism, and the list goes on. Their should be a war on this society, the politicians, poverty, greed, domestic violence, rape, discrimination, and HATE! Instead we are attacked for being who we are and the decisions we make. Being born with a vagina, having my own mind and voice means I have to fight constantly. But I don't mind the fight, just the reasoning behind it.

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