Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Abortion II

After lollygagging at a restaurant for 2 and a half hours an walking around for just as long almost, I came back to the hospital to pay for my procedure. I was number 22. At this point all the "FP" patients were sitting in the main lobby waiting room. It was then that as most people do when they sit together, we started to talk to each other. I learned all of their stories. We were all in the same age range from 25 to 33. We all had different reasons for choosing to abort. Some of the reasons ranged from Having too many kids already to not being ready to be a mother to just being scared of the pain of childbirth to abusive boyfriends who were intimidating their partners to do so. After another hour of waiting we were shuffled off. Down a hallway, up some stairs into another room where there were bags on every seat filled with pads, booties even bigger pads and hospital gowns both paper and cloth. We were given instructions on what to do and what not to do during and after the procedure was over with. We were also given a little cup with two pills in it. They were called Misoprostol, and we were told to put them both on the inside of our cheeks and let them dissolve.
They tasted like you would expect them to, bitter, mediciney, chalky. The girl sitting next to me starts moaning about how she cant swallow medicine without any water and they instruct her to let it dissolve in her cheek or leave. Big plastic bags were passed around to put our personal belongings in (as we were still holding them at that time). As the girl on my left left passed me one of the bags, I felt like I was bleeding. I shifted in my chair to feel that familiar feeling of blood in-between my legs. That's when the cramps started.

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