Saturday, July 31, 2010

The secret life...2

Alright everyone, my guilty pleasure show is really starting to grow up! One of the characters Adrian, (a character I think they should have named "Lola" because of her seducing abilities), is pregnant. She got pregnant(by Amy's boyfriend, Ben during a brief separation) despite her being on birth control and them using a condom (which I also love the producers for writing in, a lot of people have this idea in their head that women who terminate their pregnancies are just out there being reckless with their bodies and that's how they got pregnant in the first place). So what does Adrian do...well first she refused to acknowledge her pregnancy because she was in denial. Then when she finally did start to really think about things, she realized she was not ready for a child at her age, so she decided that she wanted to have an abortion. The reason I'm so proud of the show is because they actually used the word abortion and not terminate the pregnancy or something else like they did when the main character Amy got pregnant in the first season. Not only that but a lot of the other characters on the show supported her right to choose which was also refreshing, One of her friends even offered to go with her to the clinic! The secret life has come a long way from avoiding saying the word "abortion" on television to Adrian choosing to have an abortion. Now in the end, the show airs on ABC family so she of course ended up not having the abortion. (I personally think that if she had, that would have brought in more viewers but just my opinion)I'm still very proud of the show though, It takes years to finally grow up and The secret life is getting step at a time.

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Vegan_Em said...

We should have viewing parties of the Secret Life! :)

I strangely didn't hate how they portrayed Adrien's not-abortion. But I still think they skirted around the issue, which TV always does. And I still think they kinda gloss over the complexities of teenage parenthood, but hey- they show it better then most other shows.