Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last weekend Shay and I went to Kentucky for a conference. We meet so many amazing people!!! It was so nice to be around people who believe in a woman's right to choose and not have to be quiet and coy about it. Friends/family members of mine think that I might some sort of man hater issues to be involved in a cause like this so being able to talk about abortion without having to defend myself is very refreshing. Personally I think of myself as being brave for speaking out on my beliefs and I've gotten the same response from most people. Anyway though, I have to say this...I think Kentucky is a beautiful state, but their little abortion inhibitor laws are even worse than Illinois! They have a 24 hour notification law, which means a women has to call the abortion clinic, 24 hours in advance to making her appointment. I know that that might not sound to bad to some people but it's these little annoying inhibitors that may make a women change her mind because of the extra work. She's already gotta deal with the stigma from other people!!!. Another thing I learned is that there are only two providers in the whole state so a first trimester abortion here in Chicago is actually double the price down there! We think we've got it bad.....One great day, abortion will not be looked at any differently than any other surgery....Until that day comes though, it's good for us to come together at conferences like these to share our ideas and opinions in a safe environment.

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