Sunday, July 25, 2010


So I just got back from a Kentucky from an amazing conference. So as of now I have done quite a few panels and when I get the opportunity to go to another state and talk to about what I do everyday I get re energized to come back and work harder.

Talking to the activist in Kentucky let me really see that although we have it hard it's much worse in other states. Being an activist we hear all these stories about no access, but you feel a different impact when you're in the midst of people that face those oppressions first hand. It is heartbreaking to know that they only have two clinics and one provider, and they cost of a 1st trimester abortion is outrageous!

I'm glad I was given another opprotunity to go and spread the word about CAF and My Voice, My Choice leadership group. I want to thank all the Kentucky RJ activist and the Kentucky Medical Students for Choice that welcomed us like a family and sang us many praises.......

I just back to Chicago a few hours ago and I'm in a "Save the World" state of mind!

Thinking of a master plan........................

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