Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday while doing our show I brought up my frustrations with the whole idea of abortion being either right or wrong /good or bad. Abortion is only one thing.... a woman's choice. That is just another way to keep us silenced, marginalized and against each. The bigger picture is not being seen and therefore not addressed. We cannot see past the "right or wrong" to the point where we don't care about all the other changes that the government can/ will make without us saying anything. And these laws are governing our bodies. Tomorrow will soon be today,the future is becoming the present. Soon we won't be able to control our own bodies unless we fight right now, today. Step back and see the bigger picture or fall victim.

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Gaylon said...

brittany! you are so right! thank you for all you do on behalf of reproductive justice. your voice, your experience matters. one of the things people fail to see is that even if abortion was illegal, women would still have them. abortion has been around since the beginning of time. it's not going away. during slavery, slaves used herbs to abortion unwanted pregnancies. so women in essence has always taken control of their reproductive health and choice - legal or not. women will not be held down. we are smart enough to make our own decisions about the bodies we live in. there is nothing more! i admire you and who you are. it takes a lot to do this work...and you do it despite everything! i'm humbled knowing you!