Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So as I get more informed about reproductive justice and abortion and access to it, I have came to the conclusion that the anti-choicers are crazy by the dozen. I mean they are so violent and are over exaggerators I mean I am on the bus this morning and I see a women's center ad and it says we will help you make the choice you and your baby can live with and it showed a black woman and supposedly her baby. First of all I would like to know how you can help any woman make the right choice for their life and their body. You can't, that decision is fully that womans now you can support them in it but not help them with it. That my friend is called manipulation and the point of choice is being able to make a decision unmanipulated.So this ad saddens me. Not only that a couple of days ago I read an article that said the anti-choicers are going to be holding an auction for the murderer of Dr. Tiller. The things these people are auctioning are crazy. Its all like stuff from past people who have been violent against abortion doctors and clinics. How crazy is that. Needless to say my conclusion is correct. Stop the madness.

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Gaylon said...

Really good comments Nicole! There should really be a counter protest to those signs! And an auction for the bullhorns? Yeah, I read that article too. Absolutely insane!