Friday, October 9, 2009

For Dramatic Effect!

Well the mayor of Chicago is going to sign the buffer zone. The buffer zone keeps anti-choicers far away from women entering clinics to have abortions. Now I'm all for free speech but when you chase cars, step inside the parking lot....lean in the gate openings...trying to shove rosaries at women...line candles along the gate of the clinic that is more than free speech. So thank you to the mayor and the alderman....especially Vi Daley for sponsoring it! There is a such thing as seperation of church and state. What you believe based on your religion or spiritual values should not impact my reproductive choice.

Women should be able to make their own decisions regarding this without all the fanfare that the "others" display. My involvement in a counter protest a week ago at FPA on Elston opened my eyes even more to the lunacy of the anti-choice movement. I completely understand why you can't have a logical argument with them. That is why they resort to the propaganda and bloody pictures. They believe in shock value because they have nothing else to stand on. Really! I asked one of the men holding the signs why was he holding that when it wasn't a picture of an abortion (the picture was of a woman having some sort of operation). I asked him how he thought that was accurate to insinuate that the picture was an abortion. You know what he said? The picture is about the sanctity of life. Oh really? You gotta be kidding me man! So I repeated the question over and over until he put the sign down and then eventually put it in his car. Yet this is the picture he wants women to see going into the clinic. A nutcase!

Yes, I go to church and I'm a christian. I believe in God and I even have the rosary hanging in my car. However, I don't believe in force feeding others my beliefs. This spiritual journey I'm on in my own. Only God can judge me. In fact, that is how I want to be judged. Yet, the "others" are judging people and trying to "save" people from themselves. Wouldn't it be better if they worry about themselves and not everyone else? Why all the drama? Keep it real all the way. If you are going to misrepresent then you better be prepared to explain yourself. Stop holding up the phony signs and shoving rosaries at people. This doesn't help your case one bit!


Unknown said...

You said you have a Rosary hanging in your car-are you Catholic? Catholics are to understand that it is their duty to live their faiths in all aspects of their lives. That is the issue with all of the politicians that are Catholics who support abortion- some are asked not to present for Holy Communion because Catholics do not support or condone abortion. It is our duty to speak up for "the least". If you support abortion I ask you to please reconsider hanging the Rosary in your car.

Gaylon said...

my relationship with my god is just that....will not remove the rosary! i refuse to be judged by humans on earth!

bob. said...

Awesome blog! It's nice to hear from other Pro-choice Christians. Thank you for standing up for what is right! Catholic prolifers should listen to the great JFK: "I believe in a president whose religious views are his own private affair, neither imposed by him upon the nation, or imposed by the nation upon him as a condition to holding that office."