Friday, February 3, 2012

War on Contraceptive Discussion

So I know I'm late blogging about this, but I'm blogging now. So Monday we had this discussion about the current state of access to contraceptives. Of course the sneaky anti-choice found out about it and showed up and they were on edge. So this is what I don't get about the anti-choice/"pro-life" people,they are suppose to be so much for life but fail to tend to the services of the actual living. Like for instance this lady had the nerve to ask do we go into these communities we service and tell them that they are at high risk for being single mothers and not finishing high school. I was really thrown off guard by this question because for one it had nothing to do with the topic at hand and also why remind the poor of their slim chances they have in life to be successful because of their economic situation. This was a very asinine thing to ask,so i thought, especially coming from a white privileged woman.This is the exact reason why I do the work that I do because I am poor myself for now and I don't need anyone reminding me of that and adding to my oppression because that's in fact what your doing when you tell a poor black girl that instead of giving her the information to keep her from being that statistic and giving her the support to believe that she can rise above her circumstances.


Filius de Paulus said...

Just wanted to state that the woman who asked that question was very much pro-choice, she was actually trying to show you support by asking if you let young girls know that poverty is a risk of unintended pregnancies. Just wanted to clarify that!

Gaylon said...


i totally agree with you. and i allowed the following comment through so that others could see it for the very reason you state in your post. the person (which must be her) says that the woman is very much pro-choice. however, that i would find it hard to believe....but even if she were....that type of pro-choice is worst than than the anti-choice any day.

i meet many of "pro-choice" individuals that believe in paying for an abortion but not providing the women with follow-up and education. so to say you are "pro-choice" means nothing....absolutely nothing to me!

priviledge and classism are the very reasons many of the poor are in the situation they are in. and for her to continue to go back and forth with me....and then leave....didn't appear to be very pro-choice. no clarification needed....we know who you are and what you mean! whatever lady! i will debate you any day!

furthermore, poverty is not a risk...ignorance is risk....there is a difference. there are plenty of poor smart people that make the right choices on a daily basis! so come out of your priviledge little neighborhoods and get your facts right!!!!!!

Nicole said...

You tell them Gaylon!!!