Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So, I Went to Miami to Talk About Sex!

This weekend I went to Miami for the Sister Song Conference and it was amazing! Sure the city and weather was nice but the actual workshops were better! One of my favorites was the Brown Boi Project workshop. Brown Boi is a community that is committed to bringing racial and gender justice to society (google them please). I also loved the workshop that brought awareness to "Project Prevention." That is an organization that was founded by a white woman who offers drug addicted individuals money to undergo sterilization. The former name of Project Prevention was C.R.A.C.K. Children Requiring A Caring Kommunity. Yes, I spelled that correctly. I'd heard of the organization before but it was a lot of information I wasn't aware of. We need to stand up for all women and marginalized poor people's rights because there are plenty of organizations trying to strip us of every right we have!

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radiance1014 said...

The SisterSong conference was amazing! I am glad we all went together. The Brow Boi workshop was also very informative. Hats off to all to the gender nonconforming women making waves and creating a space where they can thrive without shame.