Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm super excited about attending this conference for more reasons than one! The idea of a sea of people, who feel just as passionate about an issue as me, meeting up in one place to formulate a game plan to combat the issues that we all fight against. Its so powerful! I can't wait. As a young woman of color who is passionately involved in feminism, I often times feel that its my obligation to attend conferences like this one. Because I am a young woman of color, I am a minority in this movement, therefore, I feel the NEED to be present as a representation of the young women of color who can't be present or will never be able to . These issues are bigger than me and I understand that. So its my duty to further educate myself so that I can take what I learned at the conference back to my community. SISTERSONG HERE I COME!!!!

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radiance1014 said...

It was an honor to attend the conference and we definitely represented for women like ourselves.