Monday, October 11, 2010

Purple=Domestic Violence Awareness

The color of the the month is...PURPLE!!! Yes, my favorite color, but wearing purple this month is symbolic for a very important issue in today's society. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence is many times overlooked, a person may be in denial or just feels as if they have no other options. So maybe you're wondering... am I in a abusive relationship??? Domestic violence isn't only physical abuse. Domestic violence consists of physical, psychological, and verbal abuse. Does your partner say things that hurt your feelings, try to control your every move, monitor your phone calls, stop you from going out with friends or family, constantly showing jealous behavior, snatch you up out of the club, try to monitor what clothes you wear, blow your phone up until the battery dies??? You might have said yeah, that sounds like me, or maybe someone you know. Well maybe you should evaluate the situation and consider that that is indeed an abusive relationship. Okay, none of these things fit your relationship but it sounds like something a friend might be going through. Well, suggest that they get help. Encourage them to do better (without belittling them). And remember for every victim of domestic violence, THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE!!! But you CAN NOT be silent!!! No one can help you if don't say anything. Don't have anyone to talk to??? Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1800-799-SAFE. There is someone there to talk to. If you feel stuck because you have no other place to go, they will help you find a safe haven. Aw yeah, did you know if you buy a shop for the cause pass this Saturday 10-16 at Macy's($5), you will receive 25% of your purchase. Support domestic violence awareness this month, and don't forget to wear your purple!!!

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Gaylon said...

thanks arthia for such an insightful post. we all know someone close to us (or even us) that has suffered at the hands of another. however, we must remain strong, support those that need it and be there for women or men that are going through this.