Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why are there paternity test commercials on the radio?

So I'm listening to the hip hop radio station and it goes on commercial and I hear come get your paternity test for an affordable price and the location and it was a real hype commercial like it was no big deal.This is so crazy to me because i have listened to other stations that don't target minorities as there audience and have never heard this kind of commercial.Its just sad to me and when i heard the commercial i heard you better make sure the kid is yours even though that's not what it actually says and i think this commercial will probably lead to more guys saying the child might not be mine i need a paternity test even when they know dang well the child is theirs but now that thought is implanted.

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Gaylon said...

nicole...this is a very insightful post. i don't hear these kind of commercials on b96 or 103.5. however, did you ever notice the commercials on b96 for heavenly bodies? they actually run a commercial for stripping on the radio during peak times...when young women will listen.

and it's easy to blame it on the radio station, but they are about making money so that would be too easy. i think we need to go to the advertiser directly. why are they running these ads? you need to call them out from the core. get the layer of the problem.