Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Economics of Abortion

Many people don't realize the economics behind abortion. For women seeking an abortion there are several factors to consider; money, time, and family. First trimester abortions are less expensive than 2nd trimester abortions. That does NOT mean that it affordable. It simply is costs less than a 2nd trimester procedure. When I made the decision to have an abortion I was still in my first trimester. However, I could not afford the procedure so by the time I came up with the full amount I was in my second trimester. This also required that I miss two days from work since the procedure required that I return to the clinic for two consecutive days. I was only employed part-time which meant that I would be short on my rent money. Providing for the children I already had was going to be even harder as I had to miss work. My story is not an extreme case. This is the plight for most women who choose abortion. Most women who seek an abortion are unemployed or underpaid and are mothers already. These are real issues that real women face when choosing abortion!

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