Tuesday, June 19, 2012

RJ Activist and Proud of It!!!

Unwanted pregnancies do forever change the course of women’s lives. It starts the second we find out. The decisions to carry the pregnancy to term or the choice to have an abortion both carry lasting effects. For me, choosing to have an abortion forever changed me and the course of my life. I would not be here typing this blog if I had not chosen abortion. It’s hard to imagine my life being any other way. I’ve been exposed to a whole new struggle that I never knew existed. The struggle that I was faced with 5 years ago is the same one that women have been battling for decades; the struggle to govern their own bodies!
            I was unaware of the struggle that comes with being born with a VAGINA! How did it come to this? When and why do laws and lawmakers get to decide how and when women choose to become parents? And why are there millions of supporters for these politicians whose definition of woman means silent housewife, stand behind your man, cook and clean, and most importantly DON’T HAVE AN OPINION?! They are just as ignorant as I was before I had my abortion.
I am forever grateful to the Chicago Abortion Fund. I am more than a grantee. I am a once blind and silent young woman with no intentions of being any more than what I already was. Now I’m loud, resilient, and determined to create a world that doesn’t force feed my daughters the same bs I ate for 23 years! In the land of the free, why doesn’t my body belong to me?

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