Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SB1037 Finally Someone Gets It !

I think this bill is awesome! Finally someone realizes that no young girl grows up thinking I wanna be a prostitute. Also that the past is the past and in order to move towards a better future the past needs to be dropped allot of times. I was at a conference before and listened to a former prostitute express how hard it was for her to stay out of that lifestyle,because of the barriers placed on her because of her past. Like not being eligible for foodstamps or housing,that system leads to an unfortunate spiral of crime because people have to be able to at the very least clothe,feed, and shelter theirself. So kudos to gov. Pat Quinn for this change in law. It is a step towards complete reproductive freedom but there are plenty more to be taken.

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radiance1014 said...

I'm glad that Quinn is recognizing and making an attempt to do something about these issues.