Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Billboard brainwash

SO I'm riding to work and I never noticed but today I did this big billboard that says "abortion hurts women and give us a call for real choices" What does that mean. Y isn't abortion a real choice. I mean it was a real choice for me when I had to get one. I thought giving people choices means using every option and letting that person choose whats best for them not telling them that this option is not a real choice. Showing them only some of there possibilities. People please get it together !

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Gaylon said...

i love your comments nicole around this! you are so very right in your assessment of the billboard and what it implies to young women reading it. but that is all the other side is built on: misinformation. my issue is the same as yours. present all sides of the issue and then let me make a choice. i then would determine what is the based decision for me based on the facts and my circumstance. but it's too much like right to do right! right?