Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hampshire Civil Liberties conference

This conference is empowering like all.Yet this one has a different vibe from the last one I was at. Also this time I have Natalie with me which alot of my attention has been focused on her. But the most empowering and different thing about this conference is the Speak Out, thats where women who have had an abortion get up and talk about there experiences. Some people spoke and some didn't. I was one of the ones that didn't speak this time but Brittany said enough for us all she rocked it!! But something that was mentioned is that alot of times Black women don't speak out about abortion because they are ashamed. Well Brittany and I have prove those people wrong and it just donned on me.I have had an abortion and I am not ashamed. I did what I had to do and it was my choice point blank.While here today I listened to this poet recite a poem that really touched my heart and the one thing that really stuck out to me is how she said something like they call me a murderer and say that I'm uneducated and ignorant but they built these schools and rules that are here to keep me in poverty. That is such a true statement and I just want to say that poem made me think about myself and all the women that struggle with every day choices. Wow this has truley been an experience.
Peace,Love, and Choice

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