Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lobby Day

Hello All:

On Tuesday March 10, 2009 myself, Brittany and Nicole traveled to Springfield. I have been to Springfield a few times when I was younger on school field trips, but I have never gone to talk to actual legislators.

On this trip I got the opportunity to share this sacred experience with two amazing women. This was also their first time in Springfield talking to legislators. I just want to really affirm Nicole and Brittany they stepped up and really spoke out about HB 2354. They openly used the word "abortion" when speaking to legislators. You could see and feel the passion in these women as they talked to legislatore about this bill

I remember the first time I called both these women and offered them the opportunity to stand up for change. I would like to say that they have taken the opportunity presented to them and transformed into true leaders.

I've learned so much from this experience. It was very refreshing and encouraging to talk to legislators who can make a difference in the lives of the women I serve. I look forward to continuing the fight for Reproductive Justice for all!!!!!

Again, thank you Brittany and Nicole for standing up and speaking out and letting your voices be heard. Even the legislators were both surprised and greatful to see young women of color calling them out of committee to talk about HB2354.

These women were downtown at 5:15am in the pouring rain to catch the bus to Springfield. That in itself says alot about their dedication and determination. Nicole and Brittany keep me fighting!!!!!!

Much love to both of you I have experience some of the greatest moment s in my life with you ladies.

Stay Encouraged


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