Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been uninspired to blog lately. Maybe it's this place we call America. Maybe it's society. What happened to the "American Dream?" That is all that it is. A dream. Living in a society where you're not meant to survive or succeed is a little thing I like to call reality.When I wake up and and head out to work I do not see that land of opportunity or promise. Well, I see at least one promise. The promise to keep us blind and oppressed. No one in my community is concerned with what the government is doing being because they believe in their hearts that there is nothing they can do to change society. No one has heard about Roe v. Wade. I was ignorant before I joined the leadership group also.
What we all need is a place where we can receive proper education about the history and issues that affect us. No one is going to invest in our children's education because the more we learn, the more we we'll see. They don't want us to get an education that will actually benefit us and help us thrive. We'll finally see that we do have the power. We can do this!!!!!!!!!!

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